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We are excited to be hosting one more natural building workshop this year, September 12th-20th!  During this workshop we will be constructing a one room straw bale and cob addition to our permitted straw bale home.  We have recently completed and moved into our straw bale home, but after deciding to increase our family from 3 to 4 people this winter, we thought one more room would be a nice addition as well!  And there seems to be no better way to do this than to include the loving hands and energy of many people working together.  We are looking forward to make this a fun, group experience, and will be incorporating many different wall systems, so people will get experience with cob, straw bale, bale-cob, wattle and daub, and light straw clay.

For a complete description, check out our school’s website here.

Here are a few pictures of our finally lived-in straw bale home!  We have all been enjoying living here after a long building process.  I hope to take more, nicer photos soon, but for now…

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