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moving in!

Now that the second story room is finished, with the plaster complete, shelving built, and a fresh coat of wax on the wood floor, we’ve finally started moving in!  One wheel barrel load at a time, I’ve been transferring clothes, books, blankets, etc down the path to the cob house, up the stairs to the balcony, and through the 2’x3′ door…

Throughout this project, I haven’t wanted to sleep in the house at all.  People always ask me why i haven’t started staying in the house, as its been a functional, dry shelter for a while now.  Maybe I’ve been using the thought of my first night with the house as a way to keep myself motivated to continue building.  Or maybe I’ve only wanted to experience the house fully, in all it’s magical, glorious beauty.  When I went to bed Sunday night, I had the deepest feeling of satisfaction.  Staring up at the roundwood rafters, illuminated by the warm candlelight, a cool breeze coming in through the south window, my cat Bastet snuggled in bed next to me…

All the hard work is totally worth it…


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