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This post is long overdue, as most of these pictures are from early June.  But these days I experience time much differently.  And my body has recently been under attack from lyme disease!  I’m feeling much better now, but for a good month I didn’t feel like doing anything more than I had to.  But now that I’m over that (hopefully?), I’m excited to share some more pictures of the addition!

Once our wood was delivered from the sawmill Greg got right to work on the post and beam framing, after doing a little cob with Leo:

Which Leo found to be very tasty:

Our 8×8 posts were huge and heavy, especially since the wood had not yet dried out.  Greg notched them all, and managed to get them all up onto the concrete piers by himself, using a wheelbarrow to slide them into place!


The first few posts!

My friend Steve came out to help with the post and beam, and also framed out the walls for the kitchen area with rough cut 2x4s, for the light straw clay walls.

Placing one of the beams:

wall raising!:

Here you can see the decorative rafter end detail:

east wall!:

Here’s Greg placing some rafters:

A fancy rafter detail for the last rafter on the west side:

Greg & Kat decking the roof:

It will just be a small step from the balcony onto the living roof!  I think that feature is one of my favorite parts of the addition’s design, especially since this new roof will allow us to finally be able to have easy access to the higher existing roof.  Until now there has been no easy way to get up there!

All this work was from early June, but last week Greg and our good friend Mike spent another week working on the addition, finishing the rest of the roof framing and decking, among a lot of other things.  I will post more photos soon but for now here’s one photo of a view from the east (look how tall the corn got!):


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