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floor plans

first floor

second floor

So here are the house plans.  Pretty simple and straight forward.  One room downstairs, with a bench, a wood stove, a desk, shelves, and a ladder leading to the second floor.  The room upstairs will provide a place to sleep during the cold winter months, as well during any other challenging weather days, like one of our great summer thunderstorms.  Also on the second level will be plenty of storage space for clothes and anything else we want to keep up there.  The house is designed to create a lot of outdoor hangout space, which is where I imagine we will sleep most nights.  What I like most about living in a small space (which right now is an 8’ x 12’ bedroom/kitchen) is that I end up outside most of the time.  So there will be a cob wall extending out from the eastern wall of the house that will designate an outdoor living area.  That’s where we’ll have an outdoor bed, a table, a fire pit, and plenty of seating.

The house doesn’t have a kitchen, or a bathroom, or a lot of other things.  That was intentional.  We have plans to build all that separately, as spaces that can be shared with other people living on the land.  There is the potential for a lot of people to be staying here at any given time.  Do we each need our own bathroom, our own kitchen?  That just seems silly.

south wall


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